The beaches: a view of the English coast

Oye-Plage offers the largest beach in the area, an 11 km stretch of fine sand  and a total absence of seafront building, surrounded by dunes. It's just a coastline of exceptional quality.

We offer two beaches : the Escardines and the Hemmes of Oye, both suit all your needs: swimming, sunbathing, sport ...

Along the coastline, hiking trails and observation of nature invite you to walk.

At low tide the beach stretches to the horizon and the risk of getting lost in mist are such that the "verrotiers" mark out their return path with branches stuck in the sand.

pillars, Escardines beach

The Oye-Plage beach is bordered by a dune which houses a wetland serving as a refuge for migratory birds, ducks and cows highlands that one can also observe. Discover 400 hectares of protected natural area, in a stunning landscape of dunes, thickets, meadows and freshwater ponds .

These privileged wild coastline beaches and dunes are part of the nature reserve Platier Oye.

- Remember that the coast is a fragile area: avoid walking off the trail on the dune, do not pick the flowers and plants.
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